“Krishna inks “ is the result of my intense desire for producing high quality fountain pen inks in India. The whole process of research and development passed through several difficult stages . The help and encouragements from my Guru Mr. Ramachandran, my colleagues and from my family are commendable to put this tremendous effort to things happen.

The inks itself belong to many sub types, though the users may be interested in writing qualities only. The colors you may perceive as similar in the monitor actually differs much when comes to the writing properties in the real world.

All inks are neutral or near neutral and very safe to pens except the Kot-massi series. Inks are made for free flowing and clog free writing. Some inks like Sea & Storm may be more flowing which is specifically used for a dry writing pen. If you want any color with lesser or greater flow, you can custom order provided you take minimum quantity of 200 ml of ink.

For some inks shading may be the character, for some others bold lines, and for some it may be water fastness. Like Orange crush & Cool breeze for shading and After Dark for Bold lines, to exemplify a few. Look for individual ink descriptions for details.

Note that pure water fastness is only for Permanent Blue black and color changing capabilities are only for some Kot- massi series inks only.

Well, the real ink tester is you! Please give me enough feed backs as a user to set the standard of these inks high writing qualities.  Already many inks like Dark chocolate (Formulation changed for color variation) GoldRush( More saturation, more shading)Ghat green ( faster drying) have already under went after initial feedback from customers. Users are also encouraged to submit your reviews which will be posted here so that the latest customers can make easy decisions. Feel free to write your sincere positive or negative what opinions.

Also if you want to see a new color added to the series feel free to contact me.



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