krishna - With Pencil

From NICK STEWART’S Site quinkandbleach

“So, just to get you excited, here is one of them – simply called Pencil. This ink colour is a dark reddy brown but when blended with water… WOW! I know, it’s fantastic.

The nearest equivalent is Noodler’s Rome Burning, which is a big favourite of mine, but Pencil is just that much more subtle breaking down into crimsons, browns and that gorgeous soft silvery green. The illustration of the sheep grazing was a dream to do. Really simple, but so effective and the bleach effect is perfect for sheep wool. What’s not to like?”

— Nick Stewart


“Pencil – I haven’t come across anything like this before. A deep purple/brown/crimson ink, it blends with water to reveal gentle washes of red, crimson and a thin greyish green. It’s just so visually smooth and subtle. Works well with bleach and in my opinion has surely got to be included in any decent art journaler’s travel palette? I could’t resist creating some test art so if you haven’t seen it already link here.

Mint – This is another new one to me with plenty of sludge and unsurprisingly, no reaction with bleach. What was visually exciting is the very wide variety of greens that come out of solution when blended with water And a great handwriting colour too.”


Krishna Swatch tests by Nick Stewart. Link here