Krishna/Masters Ink review by Erudite Reader

” I tried out eight Krishna ink samples procured from The Pen World, Chennai. It is heartening to see an ink creator and artisan of Dr Sreekumar’s inventive calibre, finally now in India. 

Each ink colour is really really unique, tempting, innovative and their deepest interpretations cannot be simply fathomed by seeing some swabs or other photographs / reviews on the net, unless one uses them live with their own hands. They give a really very different feel of spectral colour, when used alive. I tried Master’s Red and Green, Palasa, Myrtle, Ghat Green, Wild Cherry, Sunburst and Peacock and they are all good, as I guess must be all others. These colours are not really being offered by other brands, I think, or I may not really know of Noodlers, J Herbin and Diamine for sure. The materials in use are harmless to pens and non-toxic. Some colours are really really piercingly sharp and hard-hitting, others sober, soft and peace-emanating. Each colour has shades swinging dramatically as the ink flow reduces. Dried writing appear largely matte.

Master’s Red is a blissfully soothing, diffused, soft and a laid-back pinkish red. Peacock (the nearest is served by an Uniball Eye Green), is somewhere between green and blue but I observed, that it starts to lighten away on writing with time considerably, but never fully. Myrtle is a sharp violet burgundy and Master’s Green is a absolutely proper text book jungle green. Palasa is an interesting orange ink. Sunburst is a really really goldenish-yellow. Wild Cherry is a milder Myrtle and Ghat Green, well, you will see these shades of green and gold only in a ghat. Once dry, they settle at their different base shade that is not what they were when wet.

Use dip pens to get the best feel of their dramatic shading spectrum. Their names may not be clearly and always indicative of the live feel of each colour. But this brand is certainly recommended for all fountain pen and ink lovers for a happy, flight-feeling and soulful experience and for their immense handmade inventive feel of passion that each colour emanates to represent to the writer whatever it does, in its own individualistic way. These are artistic colour palette liquids inside your pens – go ahead and flow your imagination on paper with them. And live the dreamy world of newly invented colours on Planet Earth. You will eternally keep wondering how the creator made them and which pigments did he manage from wherever. Of course, he will not tell you. 

Downsides will remain. Packaging / marketing / distribution of Krishna Inks is still at the cottage industry level, the pricing is also not of any really major advantage over several imported ink brands and shipment from Pallakad, Kerala takes time. Thus, these inks can stay elusive to North, West and East India as well as customers abroad. But whatever, do not let that stop you short. Just Go. Thumbs up !”