K 64 Fountain Pen


K 64 or Bai/ChiiSai is a fountain pen of niche category from Krishnapens.

Pens are made from hard rubber aka Ebonite. Then lacquer is coated over the surface and allowed to dry to apply the next layer. This is repeated 8 times. The lacquer can be transparent or pigmented .  The final couple of layers will always be transparent. Different finishes can be given to the pen according to the pigments used and the base rod used.Each pen takes around one month to finish.

The nib units are screw removable by the user to replace with another unit.  The user can buy different nib units to use in the same pen. There are a variety of specialty nibs from us to choose.

Bai /ChiiSai is a fairly large pen with clip less design  showing off the uncluttered shining surface. The lacquer used is very durable and resistant to wear and tear. The design allows to hold the pen well balanced in your hand. Cap is not postable. The section have a longer length to hold. Eyedroppered filling.



Bai/ChiiSai Red Black



2017-06-12_213153                                                                                  Bai/ChiiSai Pinkred



Bai/ChiiSai Blue StarryNight






Bai/ChiiSai Gold



Bai/ChiiSai Plain Black





Bai/Chiisai Grey Ripples

2017-10-29_211229 DSC_0020 DSC_0030 DSC_0022