Welcome to my world of Krishnapens. I am Dr. Sreekumar, a doctor by profession, and a fountain pen enthusiast by passion.


I am making hand crafted ebonite fountain pens. I owe my special thanks to my beloved teacher Mr. A.C. Ramachandran of Calicut pens, for gathering my self the adequate skills to achieve this.

My special interests are in lacquering ebonite pens ,  in tuning / grinding nibs and also in making a variety of inks for fountain pens.


NOTE – Due to high number of pending orders, booking of new K 64 pens are suspended now. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. If you want me to let you know when booking restarts, kindly leave a message through the contact page.

For Lyrebird or Kim& Co Calicut pens, please directly enquire. These are available with No 8 Fine Gold coloured monotone nibs which are hand tuned in accordance with Krishna Standard Nib series, Super smooth Fine. Very good for note taking/general purpose writing.




DSC_0093 Moonview Ink

Moonview is a high sheen fountain pen ink from Krishna. For good quality pictures and swabs of Moonview and other inks, I strongly recommend to visit Nick Stewart’s  Qiunkandbleach. He is a master artist.

Here are some more swatches … !!  Link


From Krishna series, Winter and Christmas Eve represents this season.

winter   WINTER

x  Christmas Eve


Christmas Eve is a high sheen ink. In fact very high sheen ink. Purple with Copperish gold sheen ( Moonview  have Pink sheen.)




Winter is a Low sheen ink – In fact very low. It represents beautiful winter tone. As it dries it can have a good shading. It can have a low sheen if using a flex nib and allows to pool. When it sheens, looks very nice.


IMG_20171126_090430-01 IMG_20171126_090439-01

Same pics shot at different angles

IMG_20171126_090412-01  Winter ink for this beautiful Winter….


2017-06-01_044127FOUNTAIN PENS


For details about K 64 Bai Chii sai ( original version of k 64) click HERE

For details about K 64 Bai Bauna ( rounded end version of k 64) click HERE







For Specialty Nibs available with Krishna K 64 Bai Chiisai / Bauna pens, please refer to this page HERE




These are removable and replaceable nib units and not available for Lyrebird / Calicut pens.






For fountain pen inks, click HERE